Our company is a private and based on agriculture and livestock which located hill side of Bhojpur district. This company has been producing agricultural product and major innovation of this company as follows.

a. Orange farming : Orange farming is one of the Production of this company which had been produced for many year ago but now it has been done commercialization. Almost 1000 plant of orange have been planted by the company and about 500 plant have been giving the production.

b. Livestock : Livestock is another innovation of this company. we have been raising to produce milk, meat like goat, cow, pig and hen etc. We have been planning to raise advance goat such as Boyar, Jmunapari etc where had been prepared farmhouse recently. In this new farmhouse 100 goats will raise in the first but it has been delay due to COVID-19

c. Cash & Cereal crops : Cash & Cereal crops is also another production of this company. It is cultivated by this company like cash crops are potato, oilseed and major cereal crops are paddy, maize, millet, cardamom, ginger, garlic, turmeric etc

  • Sumnima Mukarung Rai
  • Eklabya Hang Rai
  • Shyam Kumari Majhi
  • Shanta Rai
  • Basudev Rai