Khalti Digital Wallet has been a major innovation for the company. The product has been able to revolutionize the entire payment ecosystem in Nepal.

Khalti is a Fintech company. Khalti’s social impact includes making lives easier for all Nepalese specially during this pandemic, where social distancing has become a norm.

Khalti has also been running a campaign called Smart Chhori which aims to provide financial literacy to women of all age group especially women from rural areas.

Khalti has also been running other campaign such as
1. Digital School Campaign – School Fee
2. Digital Retailers – QR & Khalti Pasal
3. Integration of dynamic QR in POS device and IMS billing system
4. Women Fintech Innovation Funds
5. Women MSME Fintech trainings

These campaign has made huge social impact on different demographic age group within the country .

  • Amit Agrawal
  • Bhubi Bista
  • Arun Kumar Sah
  • Subit Raj Pokharel
  • Avinash Gupta