Although the number of households earning their livelihood through agriculture and livestock farming is significant in Dailekh district, the number of households earning income by developing commercial agriculture sector is very limited. Farmers of the Dailekh district have faced the several problem like Lack of availability of improved seeds at local level, lack of availability of modern and suitable agricultural technologies, lack of quality improvement and value chain activities, lack of technical services at the doorsteps of small and medium farmers, lack of agricultural extension workers, lack of advanced and sustainable agriculture including post-production technology and practices and marketing. In order to solve these problems, Jwala Krishi Tatha Pashupala Udyog was established in 2071 BS.

At present, Jwala Krishi Tatha Pashuplan Udyog has providing two main services to the small medium farmer. First: Promotion of Boer goats to increase income by increasing the productivity of meat and improving the nutritional status of farmers in Dailekh district. Second: Establishment and operation of nutrition mill by promoting the staple and indigenous cereal and legume crops. In order to promote Boer goats and increase the productivity of meat to improve the nutritional status of farmers and increase their income, technical services have been provided at the doorsteps of farmers as well as supply of Boer goats.

  • Dipak Rana
  • Ratna Bahadur Nepali
  • Bakhat Bahadur Khadka
  • Bhakta Bahadur Khadka