LCCI Global Qualifications (LCCI GQ) is an award winning and one of the leading organizations in the field of soft skills and management skills training. LCCI GQ works towards helping thousands of learners through its international, customized and local training programs. These trainings help candidates to enhance their capacity and advance in business, life skills and related fields, in a competitive and prosperous world. LCCI GQ is focused on building itself as institution of repute and to work as an emerging education and training institution globally.

Over the last few years, LCCI GQ has trained and certified hundreds of students in various soft skills and management related qualifications. LCCI GQ has been offering its programs which are customized as per local needs. LCCI GQ achieved a major milestone where our trainings along with our overall systems were validated and approved by Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), Scotland. This approval means that the programmes which are developed and owned by LCCI GQ remains under the ownership of LCCI GQ, however, its quality is assessed by SQA. Today LCCI GQ’s Registered Training Centers are spread all across different places.

SQA is not for profit Government Sponsored agency accountable to the Scottish Government and sit at the heart of Scotland’s world-renowned education system. SQA has over 100 year experience in developing qualifications and qualification systems across the globe. LCCI GQ is the first and only institution from Nepal to be approved by SQA.

LCCI GQ has its own subsidiary company, i.e. LCCI Books Pvt. Ltd which has its own publication of books and is also an authorized distributor for Pearson Books.

  • Roshan Rathi (PhD)
  • Saroj Rai
  • Lobsang Lama
  • Sunil Rai